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Easy movements of yoga and yoga clothes go hand in hand. You should keep this in mind if you want to get maximum benefits from yoga. Yoga is not about weightlifting, boxing or treadmill. Instead, it includes holding poses for a long time and stretching that pushes your limit of flexibility. So your clothes play a great role. In addition to the comfort factor, your yoga clothes should also move with you so that instead of managing clothes you can concentrate on your poses and breathing.

Here are some important tips that you should consider while purchasing yoga pants for yourself.

Get the Right Fit

When buying yoga clothes, you should pick the ones that fit you just right. Avoid wearing clothes that are over loose or too revealing. Like, ladies should be aware of tops that drape extra low or wide at the armpit. Also, overly loose or bloated pants can come in the way of your yoga poses or can even slide down which you obviously don’t want.

At the same time, don’t select too tight or restrictive clothes. Remember, you should be completely free to stretch and hold your poses.

Comfortable and Breathable Clothes

Skinny jeans might be your love but they can prove troublesome while doing yoga. You should wear comfortable and breathable clothes that help you to focus on your yoga practice and not tugging waistband. You should wear pants that have elastic so that it conforms to your body’s shape.

For ladies, yoga pants with foldable waist are available for that extra comfort and warmth. Drawstring pants are uncomfortable when you lie on your stomach. So avoid them. Avoid wearing shorts also that bunch up in upside-down poses.

Wear Yoga-Specific Clothes

Fitness wear is always best as it is specially designed to move your whole body that helps you in your stretches. But make sure your pants don’t bulge or pinch uncomfortably. Also look for moisture-wicking fabrics as every standing, lying, stretching and Surya Namaskar, for example, will make you badly sweat. So there are clothes which can absorb your sweat easily allowing you feel comfortable and dry.

Layering Your Yoga Clothes

Early morning yoga sessions can be chilly before warm-up. You can also feel cold during some yoga poses like Savasana (corpse pose). Then some yoga classes use air conditioning. So to avoid getting chilled during all these moments, wear yoga clothes in layers to stay warm and cozy.

After hot yoga, you can feel cold due to outside air. This shift in temperature can cause illness. So having layering items on hand will protect your warm muscles from the cool air.

Shop and Ask Around

If you are still not sure about what to wear or from where to buy clothes for your yoga sessions, visit online yoga stores or read magazines with yoga content. Ask your trainer, he might guide you what you should wear according to your body shape. He can also tell you from where he or she buys his or her clothes.

If you love being stylish, you can be stylish in yoga clothes too. Yoga apparel comes in different designs like embroidery or prints which will maintain your “fashion diva” standard.

Be Yourself

At last, yoga is not about competing. It’s not about the beauty standards. It is the process of knowing yourself so you should wear whatever makes you feel Comfortable, gracious, beautiful and honored. Have fun!

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